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  • 10 vibes for Yozgat

    like locals

    Çapanoğlu (Grand) Mosque; also known as Çapanoglu Grand Mosque is one of the significant examples of the Turkish architectural style in Anatolia, which emerged under the European influence during the Ottoman Empire. Don’t leave Yozgat without visiting this mosque!

    Clock Tower; This imposing and centuries-old tower in the city centre of Yozgat is one of the symbols of the city.

    Yozgat Archaeology Museum; Archaeological artefacts, ethnographic artefacts, rare examples of 19th century painting art are exhibited in this museum.

    Basilica Therma; The Sarıkaya Roman Bath, or Kral Kızı Hamamı (King’s Daughter’s Bath) is from Roman period. It was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2018.

    Kerkenes Harabeleri (Kayıp Şehir Pteria); Although it was estimated that the ancient city was founded by the Medes during the Iron Age in 600 BC, the discovery of Phrygian inscriptions during the excavations in 2003 suggests that the city may have been a Phrygian settlement.

    Çamlık National Park; Yozgat Pine Grow National Park is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to Yozgat. Shortly known by the name of ‘Çamlık’ is Türkiye’s first national park which is famous for its flora, water resources and great pine trees. Don’t leave without having breakfast under among these pine trees!

    Parmak Çöreği; It is a special type of bread for Yozgat. In order to be done properly, the dough consistency and baking conditions and procedures must be well known.

    Arabaşı Soup is one of the unique and important local dishes of Yozgat and it is irreplaceable on cold winter nights. If you visit Yozgat in winter, don’t leave Yozgat without eating Arabaşı soup and take a spoon from the special batter.

    Don’t leave Yozgat without meeting our healing waters in our rich thermal springs in Sorgun and Sarıkaya districts.

    In Çekerek Lavender Island, you will find peace with the scent of lavender while it offers a visual feast! Don’t leave Yozgat without having a journey back to your childhood on our swings ornamented with lavenders on our lavender island!

    How about rafting in Kazankaya Canyon in Aydıncık? You will be charmed while passing through the canyon. Don’t leave Yozgat without having this great excitement?

    Don’t leave city without tasting Yozgat’s special cheese made with a special yeast buried in the sand.

    Don’t leave Yozgat without seeing the Oak Memorial Tree in Karadikmen Village in Akdağmadeni and Ulukavak Memorial Tree in Kamışçık Village near the Çekerek district.