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    Yozgat Arabaşı Soup

    Arabaşı soup is recognised as one of the registered geographical indications of Yozgat. Unique to Yozgat, this soup is irreplaceable on cold winter nights. Arabaşı is a kind of snack served during meetings after dinner on long winter nights. Even though the original name of this dish is ‘intermediate meal’, it has taken the form of ‘Arabaşı’ in colloquial language due to its popularity.

    The main ingredients of Yozgat Arabaşı are flour, water and goose meat. Depending on the palate, turkey or chicken meat can be preferred as well.

    Yozgat Kesme Soup

    Türkiye’s first known ‘cold’ soup, Kesme Soup is made with homemade noodles and green lentils. Boil the noodles and green lentils, mix these with garlic yoghurt and serve with dry mint roasted in butter. Its aromatic taste will tempt you!

    Yozgat Tandoor Kebab

    Yozgat Tandoor Kebab is recognised as one of the registered geographical indications of Yozgat. Tandoor Kebab is made from the rib and thigh parts of mutton. It is cooked in its large oven called ‘Tandoor’ whose walls are made of bricks. In this brick oven, the meat is left hanging on the stick in a mechanism and attached to the stick with hooks. The wood fire is lit on both sides of the oven and the meat is placed in the middle of the oven. Meats are cooked just with heat and never touch the fire directly - meats drop their excess fat into the chamber below and these are used to dip the pitta to be served alongside the kebab. Yozgat Tandoor Kebab which offers us the purest taste and delicious smell of cooked meat becomes indispensable with the soft Turkish delight it leaves in the mouth.

    Sorgun Yağlısı

    Sorgun Yağlısı is recognised as one of the registered geographical indications of Yozgat.

    One of the flavours of Sorgun district and Yozgat, ‘Sorgun Yağlısı’, which is a kind of pitta bread, is among the essential flavours of breakfast. People who are fond of Sorgun Yağlısı head to the bakery in the first light of the morning.

    Yozgat’s Omag (Ogmec)

    It is the traditional taste of breakfasts in Yozgat. It is prepared with phyllo bread, cream, butter and eggs. It is an unforgettable taste served with hot tea.

    Yozgat Pan (Çanak) Cheese

    Yozgat Pan Cheese is recognised as one of the registered geographical indications of Yozgat. The traditional story of Yozgat Pan Cheese begins with the preparation of the natural handmade yeast of Yozgat Çanak Cheese. To preserve the cheese for a longer time, order to preserve the cheese for a longer time, the people of Yozgat salted the cheese abundantly and stored it by burying it in the sand and soil in earthenwares. The flavour of Yozgat pan cheese comes from the milk of sheep grazing on Bozok Plateau pastures. Its unique feature is that the natural yeast is used and stored in earthenwares.

    Aydıncık Bağrıbütün Melons

    Aydıncık Bağrıbütün Melons are recognised as one of the registered geographical indications of Yozgat. The taste of Aydıncık Bağrıbütün melon grown in the Aydincik district of Yozgat is also called ‘ground banana’ in the region due to its distinctive aroma and smell. Its morphological characteristics are so remarkable compared to other melons.

    Akdağmadeni Sahlep 

    Akdağmadeni Sahlep is recognised as one of the registered geographical indications ofof Yozgat. Sahlep is the root of the orchid flower from yellow pine species in the Akdağmadeni district. This district, which includes the largest forest of the Central Anatolia Region, is also quite productive in terms of vegetation. Sahlep is drunk by adding hot water or hot milk. Most importantly, it is used to make ice cream. If it is drunk with hot milk, it tastes much sweeter and tastier.

    Traditional Yozgat Fig Pudding

    When it comes to traditional Turkish fig pudding, Yozgat comes to mind. It is made with milk, when the milk starts to boil, remove from the heat and add dried figs, sugar and walnut. Boil the mixture for ten minutes and serve it cold in clay pots. You would like to taste this different flavour created by the harmony of the pudding with figs.

    Yozgat Egg Dessert

    Yozgat Egg Dessert is little-bite fluffy balls that are deeply fried to golden until it gets crispy. It is a legendary taste prepared very quickly, made with the ingredients found in every home, rich or poor.

    Yozgat Flour Halva

    In Yozgat, Yozgat-style flour halva is served on special days. A light dessert that melts in your mouth, this sweet treat is distributed in mosques after the Friday prayers, and also at funerals.

    Yozgat Sini Baklava

    Yozgat sini* baklava is always an essential dessert for engagement, wedding, feast and iftar meals in Yozgat. Sini baklava is served with buttermilk on special occasions and for guest treats.

    *Sini is a traditional large round copper tray used to serve or bake something.