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    Aydıncık Amethist

    “Amethyst” in ancient Greek means plainly “not drunk”. Some ancient people attributed supernatural powers to some stones. And the amethyst is one of these stones. As a gift of Anatolia’s rich geological past, this stone is extracted in the Aydıncık region.

    Boğazlıyan Copper-Handicrafts

    In many traditional Anatolian cities copper is processed and produced for both daily use and decorative or artistic purposes. Boğazlıyan is one of these towns. It attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists visiting the region.

    Silver Handicrafts

    Currently, there are only a few people in Yozgat who have acquired a profession in silver handicrafts. Currently, finished silver articles are brought from surrounding provinces. 25-30 years ago, silver-artisans would melt silver ingots or Ottoman coins in crucibles and process the silver as desired. Today the artisans of this handicraft mainly produce necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rosary tassels, etc.

    Touch the Nature in Akdağmadeni Forests

    Feel the green by going on a nature excursion in the forest in our Akdağmadeni district, which has the largest forest in Central Anatolia. Streams are flowing from many points of the forests, which are also very rich in terms of natural water resources, and beautiful fountains built by nature-loving citizens.

    Red deer, wolves, bears, lynx and pigs are the main animals living in the forests. Many endemic plants also grow in the forests, which are the lungs of Central Anatolia.

    Enjoy the Healing Waters of Sorgun, Sarıkaya and Saraykent Thermal Springs

    Sorgun Thermal Springs is famous for its water which is included in the group of hot waters with sodium chloride and sulphate and contains sodium, chloride, sulphate, magnesium, calcium and radon. The radon it carries has a feature entering the organism through the respiratory tract and skin and has a stimulating effect on the endocrine system. Its ‘bath treatment’ is very good and efficient for rheumatism, neuralgia and neuritis and also gynaecological diseases. It is considered as ‘youth water’ in the elimination of hormonal disorders.

    Sarıkaya Thermal Springs was declared ‘a thermal tourism centre’ by the decision of the Council of Ministers. These thermal springs located in the Sarikaya district centre far from 77 kilometres southeast of Yozgat have hot spring waters from the fluoride-containing oligometallic waters with a temperature of 48 °C and a flow rate of 28 lt/sec. As a result of the analyses made by the Ministry of Health, it has been found that these waters can be used as a supportive and complementary treatment element in hernia and related sciatic pain, painful gynaecological diseases, ongoing discharges due to infection sequelae in women, spastic pain, spastic colitis, spasmolytic effect in the ureter in the fall of kidney stones, liver and gallbladder stones, skin diseases under the control of a doctor.

    Saraykent Thermal Springs located in our district has a temperature of 74 degrees and it is among the ‘healing’ waters that are effective in women, skin and rheumatic

    Discover the Endless Steppe

    The steppe dominating Yozgat, in general, draws attention with its natural beauty away from reinforced concrete structures. Touching the steppe is like touching history. Wouldn't you like to touch the steppe bearing the traces of years?