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    After starting the day with a traditional breakfast, you can visit the Yozgat Archeology Museum (Nizamoğlu Konağı - Mansion), which is very important in terms of Turkish painting art. Then you should stop by at the magnificent Karslıoğlu Mansion and continue to the Sergeant Major Mosque. Then you can take a break for lunch after seeing the Çapanoğlu Mosque, which is known as the first mosque in Anatolia with a large picture and the Hamidiye Fountain.

    After having one of the traditional delicacies of Yozgat for lunch, you can go to see the Clock Tower and finish your tour of the city centre at the Archaeology Museum. From here you can head to Sorgun and then to Sarıkaya, see the spa ruins used in the Roman -Byzantine period in Sarıkaya, which are known as the Aquae Sarvenea or Basilica Therma, and then return to the city centre. Don’t forget to stroll around the market and get Parmak Çörek before dinner!