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    Cehirlik Laleleri

    This beautiful red wildflower, commonly known as Cehirlik Lalesi (Cehirlik Tulip), is actually from family of Paeoniaceae. It grows in the area called “Cehirlik”, as the name implies. In mid-May it paints the meadows red and covers them with an amazing scent. It is also used to produce cologne thanks to its nice fragrance.

    Çekerek Lavender Island

    The lavender garden located on the side of Çekerek Süreyya Bey Dam is one of the unique beauties of Yozgat with its island features. Stop by Çekerek, enjoy the endlessly beautiful and bursting colour of lavender fields and feel the unique scent! There are wooden viewing terraces, gazebos, lavender gardens, promenades, pier and cafeteria, solar panels, parking lot, battery-powered vehicle services, children's playgrounds, and balloon take-off place on this lavender island.

    Çamlık National Park

    According to the study conducted in 1982, Yozgat Çamlık National Park has been home to a 400-500-year-old larch species called ‘Caucasian Pine (Pinus nigra Arn. Subsp. Pallasiana)’. This pine species is only found in Çamlık and they can still produce seeds. Moreover, there are 212 plant species including 43 families and 144 general in Çamlık and nearly 30 of these species are endemic.

    The Calabrian Pine (Kızılçam) is one of the 5 pine species found in Anatolia. And interestingly, Kızılçam (Pinus brutia) shows natural occurrence in Yozgat. In addition to the beauty of its forest, even the occurrence of this pine proves the natural richness of this region.

    Scots Pine Forests in Akdağmadeni

    Like the Calabrian Pine (Kızılçam), the Scots Pine (Sarıçam, Pinus sylvestris) shows natural occurrence in this region.

    Authentic Akdağmadeni Sahlep

    Sahlep is abundantly found in the forests of Akdağmadeni and it is among the highest quality sahlep in Türkiye. Sahlep is not only a sweet drink but also scientifically proven to be very beneficial for health. Sahlep keeps the body fit, open the mind and has many benefits for the stomach and intestines. In addition, it is beneficial in coughing, bronchitis and expectoration. The smell of sahlep will make you in comfort while drinking it.

     The Smell of Earth

    Who doesn’t love the smell of the earth after the rain falls? The smell of earth in Yozgat fascinates the whole city after the rain. Do you know that it is called ‘petrichor’?