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    International Sürmeli Festival

    It is an international festival that promotes many things altogether related to the city. The festival is held in July-August for 21 years, and countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania participate with their folk-dance groups. In different parts of the city concerts, excursions, conferences organised throughout 3 days.

    Yozgat Türküleri (Yozgat Folk Songs)

    As in other parts of Anatolia, the “türkü”, which reflects the local people’s sorrows, joys, fears and emotions, is traditionally transferred from generation to generation. These songs resonate in local restaurants, hotels or at village weddings.

    Yozgat Minstrels, Poets and Artists

    The famous minstrels like Aşık Himmeti, Aşık Necip, Aşık Gülsani or the famous “saz” artist, Nida Tüfekçi and many others are valuable artists of Yozgat.

    Çamlık National Park

    The Çamlık National Park is one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to Yozgat. Thanks to its vegetation, water sources and large trees, this place, simply known as Çamlık, is a popular picnic area. It is a few kilometres from the city, at an altitude of 1360 m. The people of Yozgat and from the surrounding areas always spend their summers on this plateau. Until recently, people would stay in rented tents and huts and spend the nights with singing and making music together. Every year, the first day of Hıdırellez would be celebrated here. Çamlık is known for its larch, oak and juniper forests. It became a national park in 1956 and is Türkiye’s first national park.

    Bozok Plateau

    Yozgat is located on the so called Bozok Plateau (Bozok Yaylası). The plateau, which remains within the bow of the Kızılırmak river, is parted by the valleys that reach the Delice River and Çorum River. The plateau is at an altitude between 1200 and 1400 meters. The Bozok Plateau is one of the most preferred places of honey producers, and is definitely worth seeing for its natural beauty and pure fresh air.

    The Myth of Çamlık

    Çamlık is the most popular recreational area of Yozgat and the first national park of Türkiye. According to the myth it was Kerem who planted the first sapling in Çamlık while searching for his beloved Aslı. And when he came to Yozgat on his search, he asked for Aslı. And when he could not find her, he planted a sapling on the barren hillside, which is Çamlık now.