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  • Yozgat GoTürkiye

    Yozgat is a province in the Central Anatolia Region, located in the central section of Kızılırmak, which has a very beautiful nature surrounded by forests, highlands and water resources, and therefore has hosted many different civilizations from the past to the present. Yozgat is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia. Artefacts dating back to 5000 years ago were found in the Alişar Mound in the city. The lands of Yozgat were also one of the most populous centres of settlement within the borders of the Hittite Empire, who established the first political union in Anatolia, and who are considered to mark the beginning of the historical era in Anatolia. Founded between 1500 and 2000 BCE, Hattuşaş was the centre of the Hittite Kingdom and very close to the border of the Yozgat province.